Haiku No. 8 or: an Odessa haiku

Haiku No. 8 or: an Odessa haiku

Odessa. An Odessa haiku

Just like yesterday

water colours turned solid

I walk and wonder

Did you know that from November, Ryanair will fly from Berlin (TXL) to Odessa twice a week? I took the opportunity to nudge you to consider visiting this beautiful city, but got bogged down by approximately 700 photos I took on my two days in Odessa in 2018.

You can currently fly there for 24.99 EURO one way. Lat year I took the slightly longer way, flying to Bucharest first (same airline, super cheap ticket), taking a 6-hour minivan to Chisinau, then a 4-hour train ride. I primarily wanted to visit Moldova because I was curious about this tiny country and I wanted to see some good Beton Brut outside of Germany, France or the UK. So I took a Beton Brut break for two days and took in the beautiful sometimes crumbling, but never grey architecture of Odessa, and I would go again in a heartbeat. My post on Odessa is now up, and I cannot urge you enough to go. This Odessa haiku is just a little… amuse-bouche.

Disclosure: My trip was entirely self-funded, and although it is almost impossible to write a blog post without putting a link in or mentioning a business, let me reiterate that I was not asked to put these links in and certainly was not paid for this post yet due to some law I must declare it advertising. This Odessa haiku is just for fun!  There are no affiliate links in this post.

Odessa haiku

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