Haiku No.2 or my Athens Haiku

Haiku No.2 or my Athens Haiku

Late sun in autumn

so hot and sparkling at sea

shiny ships await you


Athens Haiku
Port of Piraeus, one glorious late October morning. I love Greek in autumn – its still warm, no crowds, Greek hospitality as ever! More soon.

My Athens haiku. What do you think? We visited Athens and Aegina in October 2017, on a fairly short notice trip, mindful of a budget. I love Greece! And this short trip of only six days did not disappoint. The island of Aegina is only an hour and a half by ferry from Piraeus. So you can combine a few days of relaxation and swimming in clear blue sea with a trip to visit the ancient ruins, lovely restaurants and buzzy streets of Athens. Travelling in October means hotels in the island capitals are still open, and Athens hotel will also have lower season prices.

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