Haiku No. 4

Haiku No. 4

Friday is Haiku Day!

Yeah, it probably makes no sense whatsoever in Japanese, but it’s kinda fun to stick it into Google Translate. I really wanted something a bit sunnier ‘n funnier but the dark wet weather here in the north, no matter how many light chains and decorative stars are hung outside in preparation for Christmas, makes these words stick in my head and I cannot think of much else!

So, in order to suit the mood, I had to dig deep in my photo archive to find this picture from Fenham in Newcastle upon Tyne,  where I lived ten years ago. Christmas lights here are certainly less exciting, and I’ll hope to upload something more sunny shortly. For now, time to dig out the SAD lamp. Have a good weekend, everyone, and light a few lights.


Fairy Lights outside
but winter cold and darkness
grips me hard

屋外のフェアリーライト      Okugai no fearīraito
冬の寒さと暗闇                      fuyu no samu-sa to kurayami
私を強く握る                          watashi o tsuyoku nigiru

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