Haiku No.7

Haiku No.7

Lists grow long and fast

We catch our breath and smile

the sun peeks laughing

It’s been a little quiet here, but only because extra shifts at work and a slow but sure transformation into Bridezilla are taking up all my time here. Being too fat for my wedding dress is kinda top of the list of bother right now. But there are problems, and then there are smaller problems. Most important is that our guests (and us) have a wonderful day. Who’s gonna look at the dress that much after a few drinkies? Tomorrow I shall head into town before work and rifle through some fine fabrics. Hallelujah to keeping all those Burda back issues. Even some of the bridal dresses are marked as easy which is still bloody hard work for this occasional sewer, but I hope a simple cut and a good fabric will beat cheap ebay dress. Oh, and a haiku always goes!

On the up side, we have figured out our honeymoon. We are going to Andalucia!  A wedding costs money, so we chose a budget friendly option with sun. We booked cheap flights to Malaga and booked a nice-looking hotel in some renaissance palace in Ubeda. Yeah, never heard of that before either – my friend gave me the tip! Aside from Jaen province, we would like to visit the kittery our Maite came from. We hope to have time for some other places in Andalucia – Cordoba and Cadiz are high on our wish list.  Perhaps a day trip to Tangier.

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