Hallo! I am Anja, and thank you for visiting!

I am a German ex-transplant to Great Britain (and the United States, for a very brief period) and in middle age, remembered my roots and returned to the fold of the fatherland. My English was going down the drain, and I got asked a lot about good places to visit as I was the only one of my peers to go off with a backpack beyond my Twenties ,  and this blog was born out of a desire to stay literate in my beloved English language.

It also serves as a home of travel tales, travel tips, and photographs. I try to minimise junk but I love abandoned buildings, old aircraft dumping sites, shipwrecks and stuff like that, so they may find their way in here. No sponsored content, no freebies, just a bit of writing every now and then. A few articles may contain affiliate links but I work a full-time non-travel, non-marketing, non-blogging show for income – it probably shows, but this ain’t the place for slick photos and sponsored content. All trips are booked by and paid for by myself, so will always be completely honest about a place because I can afford to. If I stay anywhere without paying because I may have tagged along with my boyfriend or went on a business trip and post pictures, I will say so.

Suffering from homesickness as a child, I was not a born traveller – and growing up in the Eastern Block, your choices were somewhat limited. I did my first “big” trip only between university and my first job – fourteen days of backpacking in Thailand – I felt like I was conquering the world! And I still like that feeling of setting off, seeing new places, not necessarily keeping the comforts of home, but seeking out new places and experiences takes priority over luxury and holiday vibes. I tend to stay off the beaten track and look for little-visited places with history and culture that deserve more recognition, eat and buy local and not have a huge carbon footprint.

I have visited 48 countries so far but only started writing this blog semi-properly in 2017.

Starting with a 26-hour flight to Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Beaches like this and wild seas during the cold German winter? Yes please!

2017 was a  poor travel year, as work took over life in a way I did not really have in mind, but one drastic job swap later, I had a little free time and managed a (cheap) week of backpacking in Israel


By the end of 2017 the need for another outing, however short, led to three days in Budapest


And 2018? We visited two new countries (Armenia and Georgia) and I am daydreaming about where to go in summer  – reality is, we’ll probably move house and I’ll go up and down the A10 Motorway but we’re excited about a new home, and later in the year, Austria. Considering I wasn’t going to go anywhere last year, I think I might squeeze in a short trip or two or at least come up with a few lovely places to see in my home state!


Feel free to drop me a line at mail (at) holiday-golightly (dot) com

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