Hallo! I am Anja, and thank you for visiting!

I am a German ex-transplant to Great Britain (and the United States, for a very brief period) and in middle age, remembered my roots and returned to the fold of the fatherland and a more steady job in healthcare. Although I do a little bit of writing and teaching in English professionally, I am slowly and embarrassingly forgetting how to write and speak English properly, and this blog was born out of a desire to stay literate in my beloved English language.

It also serves as a home of travel tales, travel tips, and photographs. I try to minimise junk but I  love abandoned buildings, old aircraft dumping sites, shipwrecks and stuff like that, so they may find their way in here. No sponsored content, no freebies, just a bit of writing every now and then.

Suffering from homesickness as a child, I was not a born traveller – and growing up in the Eastern Block, your choices were somewhat limited. I did my first “big” trip only between university and my first job – fourteen days of backpacking in Thailand – I felt like I was conquering the world! And I still like that feeling of setting off, seeing new places, not necessarily keeping the comforts of home, but seeking out new places and experiences takes priority over luxury and holiday vibes. I tend to stay off the beaten track and look for little-visited places with history and culture that deserve more recognition, eat and buy local and not have a huge carbon footprint.

I have visited 41 countries so far but only started writing about travelling in early 2017.

If you have any specific questions, or tips on places, please feel free to comment or drop me a line!

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